So, what even is Ligature?

Ligature 31 is the University of Florida's annual symposium featuring internationally recognized designers who lead lectures, workshops, and a juried exhibition of graphic design students' work. While 2022 has rendered the event mostly virtual, thanks to faculty, students, and the Gainesville community, the weekend-long event will still proceed this February 18 - 19, 2022. 


Guest Speakers


Elizabeth Goodspeed

Juror · Workshop Host · Lecturer

Elizabeth Goodspeed is an independent, multidisciplinary designer and art director working between Providence and New York. She is a devoted generalist, but specializes in idea-driven and historically inspired brand identity projects. She works directly with clients and also collaborates with studios and agencies to provide freelance support.


Jarred Elrod

Workshop Host

Jarred Elrod is a proud citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, a practicing Graphic Designer, and an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Florida. His primary area of research is developing cross-discipline methodologies to enhance creative potential and mental resiliency in design students and practicing professionals. Elrod is interested in the intersection of the creative process and performance psychology and is currently collaborating with his partner, a practicing Psychologist on a joint initiative they call The Creative Performer.

Kaitlyn Irvine


Kaitlyn is reimagining End of Life planning at Better Place Forests. She is passionate about UX and behavioral psychology — especially in contexts where technologies can simplify decision-making and enhance human connection. Prior to Better Place, Kaitlyn focused on interaction design and brand strategy; ranging from building human-centered products and services at IDEO to creating the first design systems at Victoria’s Secret and Gillette. She studied Fine Art and Design at the University of Florida.



Event Schedule


Friday,  February 18




Saturday,  February 19




Thank you to our partners!